Dog Training

At Good Dog we offer a range of training programmes depending on what your dog requires.

The training can be tailored to the needs of the dog and the wishes of the client, as everyone has different schedules and time available.

Obedience Dog Training

When you contact Good Dog the first session will be a consultation to assess what’s needed for your particular dog and a programme will be developed to suit your schedule.

Basic obedience training

If your dog requires basic obedience training, to learn the basic commands such as heel, sit, stay, come, this is normally carried out over a block of a month with training being done in three, one hour lessons per week.

More than three sessions can be done, but this is the minimum needed to make training effective. After a month we can assess the dogs improvement and decide if more training is needed.

This can be done with the client present, which is normally more effective, or for busy dog owners, I can train the dog to perform the commands and then relay what to do to the owner.

Behavioural problems

Dogs displaying behavioural problems such as aggression towards dogs or people are trained using different techniques, again within a minimum of three one hour sessions per week, over a month block to be effective.

This will depend on the severity of the problem and more than three hours per week may be needed.