Welcome to Good Dog! We provide professional dog training, boutique hotel style dog boarding, doggy day care, dog walking and dog food delivery in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

"When Phnom Penh’s dog owners are left at a loss by their hairy friends barking and biting they call Will Barton aka ‘the dog whisperer’." (Phnom Penh Post)

Dog Training

We run the very popular 5 step basic obedience program. This two week course has been designed to teach your dog all he needs to be a manageable & clever companion.

Dog Food Delivery

We have the best price on Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food in Phnom Penh and we deliver direct to your door!
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Doggy Day Care

If you are busy during the day and feel your best friend is getting a bit bored, why not try out doggy day care?

Dog Boarding

Need to go way on business or for a relaxing holiday?
Why not send your furry family member to our luxurious kennels?

Dog Walking

Too busy to give your dog the exercise he needs? Let us take some of the leg work out of your day and walk him for you.

FAQ & Prices

Everything you need to know about our services!

Taking the Lead FREE E-Book
The Ultimate guide to Dog Training
In this essential EBook, Will Barton,
Phnom Penh's "Dog Whisperer",
shares his secrets and shows
you how to raise & train the perfect dog

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What our clients say

Will is an excellent dog trainer; patient and knowledgeable, with a great love of dogs and a calm approach to teaching them. He helped to lick our maniac Boston Terrier into shape and made it look easy. Highly recommended - Phnom Penh's very own Dog Whisperer.

Rupert Winchester

Will helped me a lot with ways to manage our fabulous Labrador puppy Honey. She's still really naughty some days and still loves to chew up anything she can get her teeth into. But taking her out for a walk is now a pleasure instead of a battle with her energy pulling everyone along, and sometimes over, when she took off in pursuit of an interesting smell. Will really loves animals and he really knows what he's doing with them. Highly recommended

Jenny Pearson

Thanks to Phnom Penh Dog Trainer for the care taking. Highly recommend them if you travel, they don't just house your pet but will supervise the health of your dog under their care.
Marco was sent to the Vet by the Kennel while I was away due to his foot problem. Thanks Will Barton Phnom Penh Dog Trainer.

Franz Heng
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